Tokyo Disneyland and the quake

The quake and tsunami that hit Tokyo this week stranded thousands of visitors at Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea (this latter being the most extraordinary built environment I've ever seen). The parks — built on "reclaimed land" — experienced some liquefaction. Most of the damage appears to have hit the parking lot and monorail berm. John Frost of the Disney Blog bets that the monorail will be down for some time. 69,000 guests were in the park when the quake hit, and 30,000 guests stayed behind at the park, supplied with heaters and raincoats, and then fed breakfast the next day (the trains to and from TDL being out of service).

The 69,000 guests in park were evacuated to safe areas and given supplies to shelter in place over night as transportation options were affected by the quake. Twitter user Rezaikram has posted pictures of guests camped out in the common areas of the park. Among the supplies provided were "disposable heaters, plastic bags, and rain coats" according to Rezaikram.

Japan Earthquake strands tourists at Tokyo Disneyland, damage reports coming in