The Fukushima Fifty


In the Guardian, a story on the 50 to 70 TEPCO employees, now known in English as the Fukushima 50, who are working to prevent full-scale nuclear disaster at the beleaguered power plant.

Wearing protective gear, "some are assessing the damage and radiation levels caused by the explosions, while others cool stricken reactors with seawater to try to avert a potentially catastrophic release of radiation."

Prime Minister Kan today warned the company of serious consequences should it decide to remove the remaining workers before the plant has been made safe. "In the event of a withdrawal, I'm 100% certain that the company will collapse. You must be determined to solve this."

Domain-traders and Hollywood film agents, start your "Fukushima Fifty" engines now. At the time of this blog post, and are taken. No word on film scripts.