Learn how stir-fry works with this awesome cutaway wok image

wok cutaway_1500 pixels.jpg

As a little kid, I loved picture books where buildings and machines were shown in cutaway and everything, from apples to hats, was labeled—think Richard Scary or, more advanced, The Way Things Work. That's why this photo of a wok, taken from the book Modernist Cuisine, immediately caught my eye. The book teaches cooking technique and science with the help of tons of images, just like this. Most taken by Seattle photographer Ryan Matthew Smith. The best part: According to an interview on Serious Eats, this photo was made by simply cutting a wok in half and cooking stuff in it.

Serious Eats has a link to enlarge the photo, which will allow you to read the text. There's all sorts of cool information in there about how stir-frying works.