Giant pumps airlifted on Giant Planes to help with Giant Japan Nuke Crisis. Bonus: They're "Putzmeisters"


The AP reports that two gigantic concrete pumps, the largest equipment of this type in the world, will be air-lifted to Japan to help pour water on damaged reactors at Fukushima.

The machines are designed to spray concrete for new skyscrapers, bridges and similarly large-scale construction projects, but they're being modified to spray water for this use.

"But if a decision is made to encase a reactor in concrete — similar to a method used in the 1986 Chernobyl disaster — the machines would be capable of doing that as well," explained an executive from the company that made them.

They'll be carried over on an Antonov 225, the world's heaviest aircraft.
The company, and the devices: "Putzmeister." Yes, that's right. Giant, phallic-shaped pumps that spew liquid all over hot cores. They're huge. They're PUTZMEISTERS.

Read the full story here. (via Paul Saffo)

Update: So, one of Putzmeister's biggest competitors is a company called SCHWING (thanks, V). Did Austin Powers write this script or what, people?