Limerick contest! Win a MACHINE OF DEATH limited edition hardcover


UPDATE: Winner picked!

Machine of Death is a collection of stories about people who know how they will die. The titular device can tell you, from just a tiny sample of your blood, how you'll step off the mortal coil. Infallible but often maddeningly cryptic, its readings inspire fear, hope, despair, elation, madness, love, and even — sometimes — giddy anticipation.

This bestselling fiction collection, containing 34 stories about worlds in which the Machine is a reality, has just been released as a limited-edition, hand-numbered hardcover, packaged with an embroidered patch, a personalized and embossed Death Prediction Certificate, and one or more Death Prediction Cards. We've got a signed set to give away!

All you have to do is post a limerick to our comments. Sex is so played out as a limerick subject: this one is all about death, destiny or impending doom. How are you going to die? What would your prediction read? Or — dare we ask — the prediction of a salty old wag from Nantucket? Our favorite will get the hardback set, and another winner will be picked at random. I'd say "good luck!", but what use is it in a determininstic universe?

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