Weirdo Records Radio

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Weirdo Records in Cambridge, Massachusetts is an amazing record store filled with thousands of albums/artists that I've never heard of, from outré genres and obscure soundtracks. global oddities to psychedelic groovers, "challenging" noise records to old timey greats. Somehow, I only recently discovered Weirdo Radio, their free online stream. In the last hour, I heard Bruno Nicolai, Kishore Kumar, Katyna Ranieri, Mukesh & Lata, Claudio Gizzi, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Weirdo Records has become the soundtrack to my life.

People ask, and believe me when I tell you that they ask often, what I've been listening to lately. And most of the time the answer is whatever came into Weirdo this week. However, when I'm hacking away at my computer keyboard, I have been known to listen to the jillions of songs I've downloaded from blogs or dumped into my computer for multitudes of reasons. Now you can hear 'em too, right along with me…

Currently, there are about 23,000 songs on the Weirdo Radio playlist. You will be able to listen to it for a LONG time without hearing any repeats. If you have a request, pipe on up.

Weirdo Radio