Straight outta Laos: Mor-Lum Hip-Hop

Video Link: "Morlum/hiphop infusion." No further information about the artist (or the dancers, or the song) is provided in English, but I'll gladly update the post when I learn more.

Mor Lum (aka mo lam, or mor lam) is a traditional form of song from Laos and Isan. From the surprisingly informative wikipedia article:


The characteristic feature of lam singing is the use of a flexible melody which is tailored to the tones of the words in the text. Traditionally, the tune was developed by the singer as an interpretation of gon poems and accompanied primarily by the khene, a free reed mouth organ, but the modern form is most often composed and uses electrified instruments. Contemporary forms of the music are also characterised by quick tempi and rapid delivery, while tempi tend to be slower in traditional forms and in some Lao genres. Some consistent characteristics include strong rhythmic accompaniment, vocal leaps, and a conversational style of singing that can be compared to American rap.

Typically featuring a theme of unrequited love, mor lam also reflects the difficulties of life in rural Isan and Laos, leavened with wry humour. In its heartland, performances are an essential part of festivals and ceremonies, while the music has gained a profile outside its native regions thanks to the spread of migrant workers, for whom it remains an important cultural link with home.

(thanks, Alexander Ringis)