Desktop trebuchets for science classrooms

Evan sez,

A friend of mine and I switched from doing a software startup to building desktop-sized, laser-cut, snap-together trebuchets, and we're running a Kickstarter campaign to set up a shop to produce a bunch of these for classrooms and enthusiasts everywhere. We're working with the American Association of Physics Teachers to take pledge money to donate trebuchet kits to science teachers, as well as taking preorders.

There's only 48 hours left before the project closes, and we've already raised enough funds to build over 250 trebuchet kits for schools, and another 1,700 kits for geeks around the world, so if you think that this is cool, we'd love any help you can give us in getting the word out to more people, so that they can help us donate siege engines to science classrooms, and get one for themselves if they're interested.

Trebuchette – the snap-together, desktop trebuchet

(Thanks, Evan!)