Japan: "Safecast" DIY crowdsourced radiation project posts first mobile recon update


The buried lede: they got 50usv/hr readings in a kindergarten.

Last week a team from Keio University took one of our geiger counters for a drive. That was a test run for our slightly more elaborate set up, the first test of which happened this weekend. Rather than taping the counter to the window and taking photos (a method which worked fine btw) we've developed a bit of a self contained kit we're calling the bGeigie since it's something like a little bento box. We dropped off sensor equipment to volunteers in effected areas and took some measurements at schools around Koriyama that we're a bit concerned about (including one reading of over 50µSv/hr near a kindergarten playground). Admittedly we are not experts on radiation measurement, but here is what we are doing and what we found…

First Safecast Mobile Recon (safecast.org, the project formerly known as rdtn.org)