Biology postcards to print & share


This is an axolotl, a type of salamander that is frequently used by scientists trying to study developmental biology. Axolotls have taught about physical regeneration, and how hormones force physical changes between young creatures and their adult forms.

Now, the axolotl is available, in extra-cute form, as part of a series of CC-licensed postcard images designed for Japan's RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology.

The cards, which incorporate motifs from Japanese art and fashion into depictions of 16 organisms used in studies of animal development, were originally printed and distributed at scientific meetings. The printed cards are no longer available, but we are happy to provide the data for our colleagues around the world to use and enjoy. The cards, designed for the CDB by Yukiko Fujiwara, can be downloaded individually, or compressed in a .zip file.

Submitterated by charlesj