HOWTO build an impossible Escher perpetual motion waterfall

Christy from Instructables sez, "GuokrDIY just posted a fully detailed build of the Escher Waterfall, complete with Google SketchUp model, two videos, and full-on background, models, and textures to look exactly like Escher's original drawing. It's clearly building on the YouTube video posted previously on Boing Boing."

In order to make our explanation clear and simple, the structure in the center of the drawing is called "left tower" and a dimensional geometry merged from 3 hexahedrons is placed on the top of the "left tower". And of course the structure in the right is called "right tower" and on its top placed another dimensional geometry merged from 3 octahedrons. And we call the part under the waterwheel the "pool" and from the "pool" there is the "1st flume", the "2nd flume" and so on. Water falls from the "platform" in the upper part of the "left tower".

As the aim of this project is to reestablish the marvelous scene of Waterfall from plane to 3D and present us a vivid show, it is important that: first, how to realize the impossible architecture structure; second, how to realize the water circulation within flume-waterfall circle.

There are many different ways to approach the aim and here is just one of them. You may keep on your own probing and come up with some cool ideas~

And before the project starts, you have to convince yourself that:
1. Perpetual motion is impossible;
2. Perpetual motion is impossible;
3. Perpetual motion is impossible;

Perpetual Motion Machine: The real-life version of M.C.Escher's Waterfall

(Thanks, Christy!)