That's Incredible! and the yogi in the box

Yesterday, my post about John Moschitta, Jr.'s 1981 appearance on That's Incredible! kindled memories among commenters of Yogi "Kudu" who famously contorted himself into a small plexiglass box on the show. For many years I too wondered what became of that fellow. Turns out, most of us have been spelling his name wrong, making it difficult to find any useful information on Google. The magical man is actually Yogi Coudoux and he is alive, well, and living in France where he runs the Centre Yogi Coudoux and still performs amazing feats of the body and mind like "‬La Tarentule," above. ‪ In 2006, he even published a book in the USA, titled Breathing Life: Yogi Coudoux's Pranayama Techniques. Nearly thirty years after That's Incredible!, I wonder if Yogi Coudoux can still squeeze himself into that tiny box.