Samsung Infuse is thinnest Android yet

AT&T launching slim, 4.jpeg

Samsung's Infuse caught my eye today thanks to its large 4.5" display, slim bezel, and the fact that it's even thinner than the iPhone 4. It has a 1.2 GHz processor, a camera able to record 720p video, and Android 2.2. There's not a lot else to know about it yet—screen resolution is an important missing fact— but it is one of those models that AT&T is sleazily marketing as "4G" despite it not even having a 4G radio. Ars Technica explains:

Like we noted Wednesday in our coverage of AT&T's announcement of the HP Veer 4G, the Infuse doesn't actually use 4G technologies like LTE or WiMax. Instead, it uses improvements to existing 3G technology referred to as HSPA+. This technology can achieve similar data transmission speeds as those other standards in some areas where AT&T has installed upgraded backhaul capability.

The Infuse is out May 15, and will be $200 with a 2-year contract.