Scitweeps: LEGO minifigs of scientists and "science popularizers"



Maia Weinstock (Twitter) creates these these neat minifigs of various personalities in science, space, and internet media. I first learned about this when I was attending a lecture by Carolyn Porco with Richard Dawkins, and Maia presented Dawkins with a teeny-tiny LEGO version of himself.

Maia has an ever-growing photo set of these LEGO figures here. They include @carolynporco, @pzmyers, @sciencegoddess, @badastronomer, @plutokiller, @richarddawkins, @profbriancox, @flyingjenny, @janegoodallinst, @milesobrien, @sallyridesci, @toastforbrekkie, @bluerules, @lukedones, @astroengine, @lirarandall, @jcventer, @algore, @oliversacks, @planetdr, @therealbuzz, @seanmcarroll, and @jenlucpiquant.

And here's how she came up with the idea, and a video re-creation in LEGO minifig of Porco's TED talk on Cassini. Her behind-the-scenes "making of" snapshots are fun, too.

Inset, space and science journalist (and friend), Miles O'Brien. Above and further below? Well, that would be me.