Wall Street Journal launches insecure Wikileaks clone, promises to sell you out

rupertjulian.jpgThe Wall Street Journal launched a Wikileaks clone, Safehouse, today. The site itself is reportedly crude and insecure, and its terms of service say they will report you to the law or otherwise sell you out if it pleases them:

"We reserve the right to disclose any information about you to law enforcement authorities or to a requesting third party, without notice, in order to comply with any applicable laws and/or requests under legal process, to operate our systems properly, to protect the property or rights of Dow Jones or any affiliated companies, and to safeguard the interests of others."

Shit sandwiches are on the menu today at Rupert Murdoch's news empire, but if you're dumb enough to leak something to it, you've really earned yours.

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Update: The WSJ issued a statement saying that it has queued fixes for the site's technical shortcomings and that its "number one priority is protecting our sources."