Yuri's Night art contest winners announced



For the past two months, the "space advocacy" nonprofit Yuri's Night has been receiving hundreds of space-themed videos, photos, and PSA concepts from around the world, for a series of contests with cool space prizes. I co-judged one of them, an art contest to produce an ad promoting space exploration (my co-judge was Ariel Waldman). Prizes included a 'zero-G' flight and the observation of a Soyuz launch from Baikonur. Today, Yuri's Night has announced the winners and runners-up for each of these contests:

"Call To Humanity" Ad Contest
Winner: "Start Exploring", Alex Herwig (shown at top of post)

Runner-up: "Looking Up", Daniel Alan (shown at left of post)
People's Choice Award: "Evolution", BK Power

OpenLuna Video Contest

Winner: "50 Years Of Spaceflight In 50 Seconds"
Runner-up: "Exploration. Change. Yuri."

Global Space Sweepstakes:

Winner: Patrick K. of Southport, England

Brice Russ of Yuri's Night says,

As a reminder, the winners of the Ad Contest and Global Space Sweepstakes will each receive a free space-themed trip to Russia, sponsored by Space Travellers, where they will take part in exciting activities such as a 'zero-G' flight and the observation of a Soyuz launch from Baikonur. The winner of the OpenLuna Video Contest receives a $500 cash prize, the winner of the Ad Contest People's Choice Award receives an exciting collection of space-themed goodies provided by ThinkGeek and others, and all runners-up will receive other space-related prizes.

"We've been overwhelmed by the interest people have shown in these contests and the number of fantastic entries we've received," said Assistant Director Brice Russ. "We'd like to thank our sponsors, our guest judges, and everyone else who helped out or submitted an entry. We look forward to working with this fantastic community of artists, designers and editors in the future to help bring the celebration of human spaceflight to the world."

To see all the entries for the Ad Contest, visit our Facebook Page. To view the "Final 8" entries for the OpenLuna Video Contest, visit the Yuri's Night YouTube account.

Yuri's Night
is a non-profit organization dedicated to commemorating humanity's past and celebrating humanity's future in space by holding educational and entertainment events each April 12, the date of Yuri Gagarin's first human spaceflight and the first launch of the Space Shuttle.

Space Travellers, "the world's first commercial space agency", is a Germany-based company dedicated to providing spaceflight-related events and experiences.

OpenLuna is a volunteer organization founded with the goal of returning mankind to the moon via private enterprise.