Architectural plans for bin Laden's Abottabad house


Here are the actual architectural plans for Osama bin Laden's Abottabad house.
Andrew Buncombe, in the Independent, spoke to the Abbottabad architect contracted to produce them:

A file held by the local authorities in the town shows that plans for the "pucca" (or proper) house were filed in the summer of 2004 by the man known as Arshad Khan, who is thought to have been Bin Laden's courier. His ID card, Number CH 9613-753-20, believed to be fake, gives a date of birth as 09/06/1977. It is though the house was completed by September 2005, raising doubts about some reports claiming the property was raided by the Pakistanis in 2003. The file also shows that the occupants never paid any property tax, and that the completed building breached several guidelines.