Fresh outrage at doll that lets little girls 'breastfeed'


A doll that lets little girls pretend they are breastfeeding is the hot thing in toys this year, provoking outrage among those to whom breastfeeding means boobs means sexy. My favorite complaint is a column at Yahoo! Contributor Network that reads a little like it blew in from Yahoo! Answers:

[That it might] "stimulate their imagination" are what concern me. The breast milk baby will more than likely result in questions from young girls to their mothers and/or fathers asking why a baby feeds from her breast

I plan to buy one and nurse it calmly in Wal-Mart.

If you're feeling a sense of deja vu, it's because there was a similar wave of media-led anger when the toy was first released in Europe a few years ago. That time, columnist Eric Ruhalter apologized to nursing advocates after comparing the idea of it to having kids act out alcoholism, erectile disfunction and prison rape.

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