Boing Boing's 1st International Meetup Day: "Wonderful Things" 7 June 2011


We are excited to announce Boing Boing's 1st International Meetup Day!

The theme is "Wonderful Things." The goal is for happy mutants in cities around the world to self-organize various cabinets of curiosities.

It's easy to participate: Start by visiting the Meetup page to join or start a "Wonderful Things" Meetup in your city. On June 7, bring your favorite significant object, coveted curiosity, conversation piece, or mysterious item to the Meetup (Don't bring something that has a lot of intrinsic value). Then tell the other happy mutants about it!

While you're at the Meetup, share your thoughts on the items that you see, and if you are so inclined, offer up a swap! Don't forget to tweet your photos, videos, and details on any exciting swaps using hashtag #BoingBoingMUP.

Boing Boing's Wonderful Things Meetup day is 7 June 2011