Canadian copyright collective wants a music tax on memory cards

Michael Geist sez, "Canadians currently pay levies on blank CDs (and cassettes) and now the Canadian Private Copying Collective, which collects the private copying revenues, would like to establish a new levy on blank memory cards used in a wide range of devices such as smartphones and digital cameras.

The financial impact of the levy would be significant. A 2GB SD card currently sells for about $6.00 and this would add an additional dollar or almost 15% to the cost. Given that the levy would remain static (or even increase) but the costs of SD cards are dropping by roughly 30% annually, the percentage of levy in the overall cost would likely gradually increase over time. Moreover, music plays a small role in the use of memory cards."

You know, I'd be willing to consider this as a wildly imperfect compromise, if the quid-pro-quo was no more file-sharing lawsuits and threats, no more DRM laws, no more lawsuits against toolsmiths and ISPs, no more censorship and surveillance demands... But as far as I can tell, the deal on offer is: "pay up and get nothing in return."

Forget the iPod Tax, Canadian Copyright Collective Demanding Memory Card Tax