Syrian dissidents use donkeys to smuggle videos to Jordan

Syrian dissidents are smuggling out videos of government crackdown atrocities using donkeys and old smuggler's routes into Jordan:

But desperate Syrians have been using a helping hand from smugglers to cross the border, either by walking or on the backs of donkeys, according to residents from Ramtha. Locals have centuries if not millennia of experience eluding officials.

"The two cities are connected more than anyone could think. For hundreds of years, the residents of Ramtha and Dara'a have been moving between the two towns easily through the farms and desert area. Now they rediscovered these ancient routes," says Ahmed Kareem, a Jordanian taxi driver from Ramtha.

Donkeys Take Over From DSL as Syria Shuts Down Internet

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(Image: 2009-09-16 at 11-33-01, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from rickmanwaring's photostream)