Make American Express Membership Rewards Your Social Currency

Everything we do these days seems to revolve around a social network. American Express Membership Rewards is getting in on the act with an updated points program that will really give your friends on Facebook something to "Like." You'd think a rewards program that's been around 20 years would be set it in its ways, but not American Express. Membership Rewards points are your currency for real-life social connections with friends and family. Don't just tweet about life--get out there and enjoy it with products and experiences for which you can use your points!

You can use your American Express Membership Rewards points for lots of things. Need airline tickets for that dream vacation? Redeem your points. Need a cow for Farmville? Yep, they work on Zynga, too. Everyday purchases like gas and groceries help you earn points that can be redeemed for anything from a shopping spree to tickets to the summer's most anticipated concert on Ticketmaster, and more! You can even use your points to pay it forward by donating to your favorite charity. The best part? Your points won't expire, so you can save those points for something truly incredible.

Visit American Express' Facebook page and click the Points tab to learn about the Membership Rewards Deal of the Week, read members' own stories about how they're using their rewards points, and share yours as well! Get out there and do something great with your Membership Rewards points. Learn more at