1950s AT&T film: How to dial your phone

Dr2717 sez, "In the mid 1950s, switchboards were giving way to self-dialed phones. AT&T, playing the role of the geeky kid who teaches Mom how to use the new computer, created this film to show people how they would make their own telephone connections using a rotary dial.

Lessons taught in this film, among others, include 'Wait for the Dial Tone,' and 'The Difference Between Ringing and Busy Signals.'"

This film opens with the demonstrator pointing out the importance of correctly using the dial telephone. Correct dialing techniques are demonstrated, with an emphasis placed on the following:

* Be sure of the right number
* Wait for the dial tone
* Refer to the number while dialing
* Turn the dial until the finger hits the finger stop
* Avoid confusing the letter "O" with the "0"
* The difference between ringing and busy signals

Now You Can Dial

(Thanks, Dr217!)