Standing Desk Jockey: Eric Ragle

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Boing Boing reader Eric Ragle says:

Hey Mark, thought you might like to take a look at my stand-up desk. It's an adjustable desk I found in the office. I turned it around and brought the top shelf high enough to put the keyboard at a comfortable level. I put the monitors in the commonly agreed upon "hunter-gatherer" angle.

I decided to give this a go after reading some of your posts on stand-up desks [See "Previously" below — Mark]. I did some research and apparently there is some health benefits to those of us who suffer from back problems. The first two days I decided to spend half the day standing and the rest sitting or walking to people's offices, (I fix computers at a hospital). 

My feet, calves, lower back and neck really hurt in the beginning. So much so that I thought I might be doing more harm than good. By the third day I was feeling more energetic and the pain was gradually easing up. I had kept this lingering anticipation about when I would  allow myself to sit later on in the day, but now that was gone as well. I'm able to bounce around my little office now and not be so lazy about getting something out of a drawer across the room or stepping over to a co-worker's office if they need me. All in all, this is a positive thing. I don't see myself returning to a sitting-only situation. I do plan on investing in a gel mat to stand on and if I can find some, I'd like to get some dressy shoes that are easy to slip on and off but aren't obvious when I'm walking around.