Konapun: tiny fake food as an exercise in total futility

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So here I am, watching a file transfer flick through my terminal window when I think maybe I'll check on the comments from my post on tiny plastic food from yesterday. Nestled in the responses, like an Easter egg in the grass, was a suggestion from BB reader scifijazznik to go check out something called "konapun".

I saw a YouTube preview of this yesterday, because there are actually more videos done by the same RRcherrypie who posted those Rement videos. At the time I didn't understand what it was. Turns out it is fantastically bizarre.

This one video—and there are hundreds on YouTube—raises so many questions. What exactly compels a person to make a tiny fake hamburger? Why put the little plastic trays into a holder if it doesn't actually do anything? Why do I feel a sense of seriousness in all of these videos? What exactly is that powder?

And "what is that powder" is one hell of a question. That powder appears repeatedly throughout all the videos, and when mixed with water it apparently can make ANYTHING. Here's the powder forming pseudo-sorbet:

[Video Link]

Here it is making cookies:

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It's like some kind of space-age wonder material, except, as the videographer notes in each video, it's not actually edible.

The mind boggles. My only solace is to imagine the powder is crushed spirits and concentrated uselessness.