Danish police proposal: Ban anonymous Internet use

The Danish police had proposed abolishing all anonymous Internet access, under the rubric of fighting terrorism. ISPs and companies would be required to gather strong proof of identity (official ID cards and similar) before connecting users, and would be required to retain records.

Thus, a working group at the Ministry of Justice started with a recommendation to parliament that would require all persons on the open Internet connections from such libraries and the café's wireless network, identify with a personal code for being able to get online.

The idea is that the police or the police intelligence service, with data from the open network connections will be able to investigate terrorism more effectively when the police can see who is logged on to the open network and not least, what sites network users have visited and whom they interacted with.

Suggestion: You can no longer go the web anonymously (Computerworld.dk, via Google Translate)

(Thanks, Agger!)