Yahoo! logo and an early Yippies logo


Looking through the huge stack of FOIA-revealed 1960s-vintage FBI documents on the Yippies (The Youth International Party), I spotted this logo used on an early flyer. I wonder if it was an inspiration for Yahoo's logo, created thirty years later?

Yahoo's was designed by Organic, Inc. in 1995, and refined a few years later to use the Able typeface (also used in the Harry Potter franchise) Able, from foundry T26. The typeface was designed by Marcus Burlile, who was not born until the 1970s. I've got emails in with Organic and someone I hope is the right Mr. Burlile to ask if they were familiar with the old flyer.

I have also asked the remaining Yippies if they used a time machine to appropriate Jerry Yang's design genius.

The whole flyer is posted below. Anyone know the score?