YouTube listens to fraudulent NyanCat takedown notice, drags heels on put-back from creator

PRGuitarMan, creator of the awesome, meme-y, immensely popular NyanCat video, did not file a YouTube copyright claim resulting in the video's takedown; but someone impersonating him did. And though YouTube acts very quickly when they hear from putative rightsholders with takedown claims, they're seemingly impossible to budge when you're a rightsholder who wants your work put back. In the meantime, a million jerky-ass trolls are sending hatemail to poor PRGuitarMan.

""The email address that you have provided does not match the email address of the account in question. In order for us to review your issue, you must be the owner of the account. To resubmit your request, please return to the YouTube Help Center ""

So I've contacted Saraj00n about this. I also tried to file a counter DMCA (lol the irony), but it says:

"" A counter-notification is a legal demand that YouTube restore your video. There may be severe adverse legal consequences if this process is misused: if the original claimant does not want the video on YouTube, the claimant will be required to sue you.

If you are not prepared to face the claimant in court, you should not proceed.
To dispute a copyright claim, you must be certain that you have all the necessary rights to post the video to YouTube
including both audio and video.
If you do not have the rights, you MUST NOT submit a counter-notification. Under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification may be liable for damages.A counter-notification is not a valid forum for apologies or to seek restoration of an account terminated due to valid copyright claims.""

So NOW I've contacted Daniwell, who is the owner of the song since Youtube states I need 100% rights to have this up. Funny how someone can easily make a complaint but to actually prove it the owner has to jump through all of these hoops. FUN TIMES! But seriously, there is a lot of work involved here and it's pretty stressful.

I did NOT file a Youtube Copyright Complaint
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