Jill Miller's Milk Truck: ice cream truck converted to breastfeeding station

Jill Miller, the provocative performance artist behind Waiting For Bigfoot and The Cupcake Project is hoping to convert an ice cream truck into a mobile public breastfeeding shelter. With a huge breast mounted on top. She's launched a Kickstarter effort to fund the project in time for the 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial at the Andy Warhold Museum in September. From the project page:

Yes, we will buy an ice cream truck and attach a giant boob to the top! Yes, we will become superhero-like in our vigilant support of nursing mothers! And yes, we take our mission very seriously. But we know (from being mothers, perhaps) that words are most effective when accompanied by a friendly smile and a wink…

We're tired of hearing stories about women being asked to leave restaurants or "cover up" with a blanket while doing something as simple as feeding a baby. But we're not the type to complain; we're the type to take action. Which leads us to…The Milk Truck.

When a woman finds herself in a situation where she is discouraged, harassed, or unwelcome to breastfeed her baby in public, she summons The Milk Truck. The truck arrives to the location of the woman in need and provides her with a shelter for feeding her baby. The woman feeds her child, the shopkeeper who harassed her feels like a dweeb, and the truck does what it does best – creates a spectacle. (Which is, incidentally, the very thing that the shopkeeper thought he was trying to avoid. Alas, some people have to learn the hard way.)

"The Milk Truck" by Jill Miller