Ashton Kutcher bullies Village Voice over sex slavery hype-debunking cover story

the-problem-of-underage-prostitutes.6852100.93.jpgAdrian Chen at Gawker reports on Ashton Kutcher's bullying response to a critical piece about him in the Village Voice (I read it in their sister publication, the LA Weekly).

Kutcher and wife Demi Moore are on an anti-sex-slavery kick, aligning themselves with the same folks who beat Craigslist into submission and ended "adult" listings on The Village Voice piece debunked much of the hysterics. Must have done some real damage, because Kutcher is now tweeting at the paper's advertisers, suggesting that they should cease financial support. "Hey @disney @dominos," he tweets, "Are you aware that you are advertising on a site that owns and operates a digital brothel?" Like the paper needs any more problems right now.

A disclosure: Mrs. Kutcher and their superstar attorney bullied Boing Boing similarly a while back, over a post I wrote which was perceived as unflattering (it wasn't intended to be).

I can't stand bullies, no matter how many goddamned Twitter followers they have.

Update, via Chen: "Ashton Kutcher's Twitter freakout has convinced American Airlines to stop advertising with the Village Voice. Sex slavery problem: Solved."

Christ, what an asshole. Wonder how much of a tax writeoff they're getting out of this "DNA Foundation."