Diecast toy car photos

Lotus Mark 11 600

German photographer Michael Spengler collects diecast and metal toy cars. He also takes gorgeous photos of them and has even put together sample pages of a book he hopes to publish documenting his collection. Collectors Weekly spoke to Spengler and presented several of his captioned photos. Above, a Lotus Mark 11 Le Mans from Corgi Toys, 1961.

The Lotus Mark 11 Le Mans is one of my very favorite model cars. I'm sure this one was forgotten for a long, long time somewhere in a garage or in a basement. The base plate is very rusty and the car is still full of dust, but I love it. It's a good example of the Japanese approach to aesthetics called wabi-sabi.

"1951 Maserati GP, Low Miles, Needs Paint"