Kickstarter project to make an open-source CNC router

Adam sez, "My friend Judah is attempting to crowdfund a project to build an open-source Kikori CNC router. As he says in the project description, the Kikori is 'essentially a robot capable of milling complex three-dimensional shapes out of wood, soft metals, and plastics.' The version that Judah wants to build is designed to be cheap (under $5000 to make), able to mill the parts to make more routers ("self-replicating" in the not-scary-robot meaning of the term), and capable of meeting the needs of makers creating everything from furniture to custom engraving and sculptures.

As with any Kickstarter project, there are rewards for various levels of sponsorship. The higher-end ones include the parts to build your own router (which is awesome if you've got the skills to do so, something I freely admit I lack), but my personal favorite is the custom-engraved clue-by-four ('Know someone who needs a clue? We'll engrave a custom message into a pine 2x4 to help get the message across!')."

Kikori Open Source CNC Gantry Router