Secrets of Disneyland

Is Disneyland overtaken with feral cats at night? Yes. Are there dead bodies in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion? Well, ashes anyway. Over at CNN, Mental Floss lists "8 Secrets about Disneyland." I was familiar with most of them, but it's still a nice, well-rounded collection of Disneyland fun facts. From Mental Floss:

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Each night at Disneyland, after the sunburned families and exhausted cast members have made their way home, the park fills up again — this time, with hundreds of feral cats. Park officials love the felines because they help control the mouse population. (After all, a park full of cartoon mice is more enticing than a park full of real ones.)

But these cats aren't a new addition to the Disney family. They first showed up at Disneyland shortly after it opened in 1955, and rather than spend time chasing them away, park officials decided to put the cats to work.

Today, there are plenty of benefits to being a Disney-employed mouser. When they're not prowling the grounds, these corporate fat cats spend their days lounging at one of the park's five permanent feeding stations. Of course, Disney also goes to great lengths to manage its feline population. Wranglers at the park work to spay and neuter adult cats, and any time kittens are found, they're put up for adoption.

"8 Secrets about Disneyland"