Piers Morgan denies involvement in phone hacking

Piers Morgan, the former News of the World editor who replaced Larry King at CNN, denies that he was ever involved in the kind of phone hacking shenanigans that brought the newspaper down.

For an MP to use parliamentary privilege and state that I write in my books that I used phone hacking for stories is a complete outrage, because anyone who reads my books knows that I state no such thing.

Indeed not! In the book, he merely described how the "hack" works, as a warning for his readers. But there was a time he was more openly proud of his newspapers' invasive reporting tactics: embedded below is the 1990s incarnation of Morgan on satirical British chat show Have I Got News For You, threatening to place one of the show's regulars under surveillance: "You'll be within long lens."

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From Wikipedia:

Later on, (a second) panelist Clive Anderson (also) confronted Morgan commenting "the last time I was rude to you, you sent photographers to my doorstep the next day", to which Piers Morgan retorted "You won't see them this time."

Such a charming fellow.