Path of Blood: Eric Power raising funds for cut paper animated feature film

Eric Power is an independent filmmaker based in Austin, TX, who is best known for intricate, cut-paper animated short films. He created two such shorts as channel IDs for the Boing Boing in-flight entertainment TV channel on Virgin America Airlines, which you can watch while flying in their planes starting in about a week (channel 10!). I'm a big fan of Eric's work, and am always amazed at how obsessively, intricately genius his craft is.

Eric has a Kickstarter up to raise funds to do his first feature-length animated film in this cut paper style, "Path of Blood." Knowing how much time and crazy obsessive effort goes into his creative process, I can only say: I fully support this Kickstarter. And I'm not alone: it is endorsed by Ninja and Yeti as well.

The earlier short film version of "Path of Blood" embedded above was mostly silent, but Eric explains the feature film will involve a "large cast of interesting individuals" and "plenty of engaging and bloody action."

The film will also push my cut paper animation to new heights. The level of detail the finished film will showcase is going to be staggering. Everything you've seen of my cut paper work so far has only been a precursor to what I feel is possible within the medium and I am very excited to put my skills to the test.

Pitch in here, even if it's only $5! If you have any doubt of this guy's awesomeness, watch his wonderful vintage-video-game-themed "Mario on Paper" short below, which we've also featured on the Boing Boing Video Virgin America in-flight channel. What's not to love? (via Joe Sabia)