Bioartist training fungi to devour her when she dies

Bioartist Jae Rhim Lee is systematically training fungi to feast on her "body tissue and excretions–skin, hair, nails, blood, bone, fat, tears, urine, feces, and sweat." When she dies, she wants the mushrooms to devour her and remediate the industrial toxins in the soil where she's buried. She wears a fungus suit covered in her lee-phaghic buddies so that they can be close to her. It's all about death; Lee calls it "decompiculture."

The first prototype of the Infinity Burial Suit is a body suit embroidered with thread infused with mushroom spores. The embroidery pattern resembles the dendritic growth of mushroom mycelium. The Suit is accompanied by an Alternative Embalming Fluid, a liquid spore slurry, and Decompiculture Makeup, a two-part makeup consisting of a mixture of dry mineral makeup and dried mushroom spores and a separate liquid culture medium. Combining the two parts and applying them to the body activates the mushroom spores to develop and grow.

Infinity Mushroom

(via Kottke)