Jazz parade in Molde, Norway to commemorate terrorist victims

The terrorist attack on Norway coincided with the annual Molde Jazz Festival, which traditionally concludes with a jazz parade through the city. The festival organizers changed their parade route to lead to the Molde Cathedral, and the performers played a solemn jazz funeral march through town. The video (not embeddable, unfortunately — thanks for the embed code, Costeau!) is incredibly moving. Google Translate from Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet follows:

Today it goes to Molde Cathedral which has opened its doors to all who need help to cope with grief, uncertainty and despair. 11 young people from Molde in Utøya, and their fate is still unclear.

Jazz ceremony, the 60 to 70 young people from Hampshire, sets the "West Lawn Dirge", an old funeral march from New Orleans. The plaintive f-minor theme, followed by some slightly lighter stroke before the mourning mood again takes over, filling the main street. Silent people wreaths march route. Many of them crying, and eventually ends several hundred to the parade, follow it into the cathedral and takes in the bishops' words of comfort and a standing invitation at any time to seek help in the large, quiet room.

Moldejazz i sørgemoll

(via Making Light)