LulzSec's Topiary arrested, say cops

Topiary, a spokesperson with web-cracking troublemakers Lulz Security, is said to be in custody in Britain. London's Metropolitan Police:

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service's Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) today (27 July) arrested a 19-year-old man in a pre-planned intelligence-led operation.

The man arrested is believed to be linked to an ongoing international investigation in to the criminal activity of the so-called "hacktivist" groups Anonymous and LulzSec, and uses the online nickname "Topiary" which is presented as the spokesperson for the groups.

He was arrested at a residential address in the Shetland Islands and is currently being transported to a police station in central London. A search is ongoing at the address.

A 17-year-old male is also being interviewed under caution in connection with the inquiry, but has not been arrested. Behold the Shetlands.

Man arrested in e-crime investigation [Met]