San Diego Comic-Con roundup, part 2

The second post-show wrap-up report from Oric Scott De Las Casas. Here's the first.


Artist's Alley is the place at Comic-Con where one can find both the rising indie stars and the legends of the comic book world. Over the years, this area has become a source of controversy as Hollywood, toy manufacturers and the major publishers have pushed the once epicenter of Comic-Con to the fringes of the convention center. An attempt was made this year to draw more attention to Artist's Alley by installing two overhead displays, which cycled loops of artwork from participating artists. I found the exercise to be marginally effective, but was happy to see an effort was being made to preserve what is, in my opinion, the heart of SDCC.


While there, I had an opportunity to visit with the uber talented artist and creator Chris Moreno (above), whose work includes Dracula vs. King Arthur, Disney's Toy Story for BOOM! Studios and Sidekick from Image Comics. He gave me a peek at his upcoming creator-owned project, the wonderfully twisted Zombie Dickheads. My personal favorite is his collaboration with Eisner Award winning writer D.J. Kirkbride, Do You Believe In Ninjas?, a collection of kick-ass ninja poetry.

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