Man heard his eyeballs rotate, heart beat

Stepehen Mabbutt, 57, of Charlton, UK suffered from superior canal dehiscence syndrome. A symptom of this ultrarare condition meant that he could hear his eyes moving in their sockets, and his heart beating. "When I raised my voice I could hear it reverberating in my head and the vibrations made my vision vibrate," he told the BBC. Surgery cured him. From the BBC:

"I've had a patient who fell over whenever they burst out laughing," (said Dr. Richard Irving of the Birmingham Ear Clinic).

"The actual muscles that move the eyes are connected to the bones of the skull and there is an element of friction as these muscles move. Some patients, as their eyes move from side to side, hear that friction movement of the muscle as a noise in their ear…

The operation to cure the problem involved a 5cm (2in) incision behind the ear, making a channel through the bone to find the "balance organ" and using the patient's own bone to create a seal around the defect.

"Man cured of hearing his eyeballs move"