HOWTO beat high pram-repair costs by 3D printing replacement parts

Instructables user Dscott4 has an expensive Bugaboo pram, and it broke. The official Bugaboo service center wanted $250 to replace the part, but Dscott4 fixed it himself by 3D printing the missing part and installing it.

Pram connoisseurs out there will know that the Bugaboo is by far the best pram on the market for style, function, ergonomics and collapse ability, unfortunately they are also very expensive to buy and even more expensive to repair, until now….

With the increased accessibility of high quality 3D printing thanks to Shapeways , you can get your Bugaboo back on the road for $25, not bad considering I was quoted $250 for a repair…..

Following is a step by step guide to repairing the handle lock, without which the pram is near useless.

How to repair a Bugaboo Pram with 3D Printing

(via Shapeways)