Man busted for DIY fission experiments

Richard Handle, 31, of Stockholm Ängelholm, Sweden was attempting DIY nuclear energy experiments in his home. Wondering whether possession of radium, americium, and uranium might be illegal, he contacted Sweden's Radiation Authority to ask. His suspicions were confirmed when police arrested him. From the Associated Press:

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"I have always been interested in physics and chemistry," Handl said, adding he just wanted to "see if it's possible to split atoms at home."

The police raid took place in late July, but police have refused to comment. If convicted, Handl could face fines or up to two years in prison.

Although he says police didn't detect dangerous levels of radiation in his apartment, he now acknowledges the project wasn't such a good idea.

"From now on, I will stick to the theory," he said.

"Swedish man caught trying to split atoms at home" (Thanks, Sean Ness!)