CC-licensed zombie Shakespeare story to short video competition

Scott sez, "Scott Edelman's zombie play A Plague on Both Your Houses' -- think Night of the Living Dead crossed with Romeo and Juliet -- was up for a Stoker Award in 1998 and collected last year in his all-zombie collection What Will Come After. When it was mentioned on boingboing back in May, the piece was described as "a modern Shakespearean zombie tale that brings wit and poetry to the star-crossed romance between the children of the mayor of New York and the zombie mayor of New York." Now Edelman, who'd like to see his creation brought to life, has announced a competition to create videos in any style -- "live action, animation, marionettes, claymation, kinetic typography, sock puppets, anything you think will best amaze" him -- and he'll award a $200 prize to the best of the bunch at this year's World Fantasy Convention in San Diego. If you think you've got what it takes to win the Blow the Top of Scott Edelman's Head Off Really Cool Zombie Filmmaking Competition, check out the
details at the link."

You'll remember Scott as the author of the great zombie collection, What Will Come After.

Win $200 by making my zombie play into a mini-movie
(Thanks, Scott!)