Enzotar: a funny 1-stringed musical instrument

[Video Link] My friend Sam Murphy send me me a music video she worked on. It's called "Sweet Honeybees" by Enzo Garcia. He plays several instruments in the video: guitar, banjo, accordion, and this unusual 1-stringed instrument that I have never seen before:


I searched on "enzotar" and found the patent for it. The abstract says the Enzotar is:

A single stringed instrument comprising a tapered cylindrical wood body having a pair of thin flexible aluminum arms extending therefrom the joined together at a head which carries a tensioner bar. A single string extends between the tensioner bar and the bottom or base of the body. The instrument is played by plucking the string and squeezing the arms together to vary the pitch of the tone produced by the string.

I could only find one short video of the Enzotar on YouTube. Hopefully, an Enzotar maestro will upload a better video.

UPDATE: Pesco says, "Enzo made a custom small Enzotar for my son when he was barely two. Now he's five and he still plays the Enzotar all the time and it looks and sounds as wonderful as it did when it was new. I'm not sure if Enzo is set up to produce them on any scale, but if you're interested you might contact him via his Web site, EnzoGarcia.com.