How to get a job without leaving the house

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On Pink Slipped at, Susannah Breslin writes about "how to get a job, and how to get hired, and why being unemployed is so hard."

Today's installment involves the gentleman playing guitar in the video Susannah shot, above. She encountered him by way of a flyer on the street in Chicago.

"Hello?" I yell up. I can see some guys sitting in the window. I had noticed when I was approaching the building that there is a pair of upside down mannequin legs in the window. There is also a picture of Mandy Moore's head in another window. As for the "Hire Me" sign, it is homemade and has been made out of needlepoint. Whoever is looking for a job had needlepointed their call for employment before propping it up in the window.

A young man — he will turn out to be Alex Urbanec — waves, and I explain who I am and ask him if he will come outside. He does. We chat. Then I go home and get my camera and my notebook, and then I come back and go inside to talk to Alex.

Alex is 22. He is of Slovakian descent, and he is a big guy: six-three and 290 pounds. In high school, he was a defensive lineman. When I ask Alex what he wants to do for work, he tells me stuff like work in a restaurant, or, "Really pretty much anything," because he thinks I am asking him what he will do for a job, but I want to know what he really wants to do. He says he wants to be a composer.

Read the whole thing here. After you do, if you decide you want to hire Alex? Email him at