Ben Grosser's interactive robotic painting machine

Ben Grosser says:

I don't know if you'll recall, but we met in Champaign, IL in 2008 at a dinner following your lecture at the University of Illinois.  I described a machine I was planning to build at the time and you asked me to let you know when it was finished.  Well, it's a long while later, but the machine is now up and running!

I call it an interactive robotic painting machine.  It's an artificially intelligent system that paints its own body of work and makes its own decisions.  It also listens to its environment and considers what it hears as input into the painting process.

All of the details, including videos of the machine in operation, photographs of it, and photographs of its paintings, are on my website.

This includes a video of a recent collaborative art/music work for amplified violin and interactive robotic painting machine.

Ben Grosser's interactive robotic painting machine