Did Harper Collins rip off Brazilian illustrator Nathália Suellen?

"The story starts with Harper Collins inviting me to create a cover to 'Bewitching," Rio de Janeiro-based artist Nathália Suellen writes on her blog.

"They wanted something similar with 'City of Angels,' and I remember I had refused it because this artwork had been already sold to another book and also because of my personal opinion about the theme," she continues. "However it looks like they got angry with me and decided to copy my artwork."

What do you think?

via blog.ladysymphonia.com: Rip Off, Harper Collins Publisher.

LK Rigel, the author of the book Suellen sold the use of her artwork to, has blogged about this, too.

Here is the LK Rigel book cover which uses Suellen's art with Suellen's consent. Here is the forthcoming Harper Collins title (due out Feb. 2012) with which Suellen takes issue. Goodreads.com shows the book cover.

Given the fact that the book in question isn't due out for another 6 months, odds are good that the matter could be resolved so the "new" author isn't harmed by this kerfuffle.

(via Anthony Citrano)