Hubble telescope hand-stitched in felt is awesome

@flyingjenny made this excellent needle felted rendition of a scene from the NASA Hubble Servicing Mission 4 as part of an Etsy craft competition. She plans to use the funds raised from its sale to get to a space tweetup in Germany.

This wool sculpture shows the fourth Extra Vehicular Activity, or spacewalk, of that mission. This spacewalk was conducted by astronauts Mike Massimino (the first astronaut to send a tweet from space, also known as @Astro_Mike) and Mike Good, whose nickname is Bueno. One of the memorable moments of this EVA was when one of Hubble's handrails was in the way and they were unable to remove it. After much deliberation and testing on the ground, Mike Massimino was given the okay to forcibly break off the handrail- as people all over the world watched with great interest.

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More great photos here.