New astronaut-themed manga series: "ST&RS"

The top-selling weekly Japanaese manga magazine, Shonen Jump, recently debuted a new astronaut-themed series titled ST&RS. BB pal Marc Weidenbaum pointed us to it and explains,

It's about a boy who wants to be an astronaut (like most shonen manga, it's about a boy who wants to be something). And it's just as buoyantly goofy and dramatic as you'd hope. It's about Mars and aliens, and it features dialog like "Shut up, you space idiot!!"

And the first chapter is now available for free in English at the Japanese magazine's international web portal.

Manga-reader download required (Windows-only — I'm always amazed by how Windows-centric Japan is). Been two years since I left Shonen Jump's American magazine as its editor-in-chief, and I'm psyched to see something like this happening.