Moore Foundation seeks data-intensive science ideas


Do you have ideas about data mining in scientific research? Approaches for visualizing scientific data? A "want" list for open data? The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has launched an open platform to generate ideas and get people talking about data-intensive science.

The increasing volume and complexity of scientific data are overwhelming current research practices, and create additional barriers to an already challenged science infrastructure, workforce and funding landscape. Many agencies and foundations are looking at ways to best combat the growing wave of challenges caused by today’s data deluge, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s RFI on Data Intensive Science is intended to add to this growing body of thinking. This RFI is being conducted in the open and for the benefit of anyone looking to navigate these areas. The Science Program will review the ideas, comments and votes generated as we conduct our strategic planning processes this year.

We encourage you and your colleagues to participate in this RFI through the middle of September, 2011. Please note that this is not a proposal solicitation, and there is no promise of funding in this area. However, we encourage you to add your suggestions and comments here . Your contributions will help the Science Program find areas of investment that can make the most difference in the domain of Data Intensive Science.

Data Intensive Science at the Moore Foundation